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XEHD, the full name is xiaofanEric’s HD Texture Pack, with a texture resolution of 1024x.

It has extremely detailed parallax, PBR maps and fine models to make your game more realistic.

Since this texture pack is a personal creation, the progress is slow, and the number of textures and models is not large. I hope everyone can support me.



XEHD’s style is natural and realistic.

More suitable for the construction party.

Of course you can also use it in survival mode.


XEHD provides Java version and bedrock version two versions.

The bedrock version is not available at this time.

Java version is faster to update


XEHD free version resolution of 256x, slow update and less mapping, support 1.9-1.17 of each version.


The full version of XEHD is priced at USD $3, with better results and more stickers. And the 512x version is priced at USD $2.


Stone Bricks


Redstone Block

Mossy Cobblestone

Acacia Leaves

Iron Block

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